missing the mochiness

Woe is me, she whose little girl is off being best friends with someone else.


pretty little thing

Oh! My. Hello there, my love.


to twist or to dip?

Holy mother. This made me forget, for just a few seconds, my urge to punch a lot of people around here. Are your taste buds about to explode? Did you lick the screen? Drool on the keyboard? Mmm.

cajone baloney

I am really fucking pissed off.

This Friday will be my last day at my current job – a day that I have been waiting for since 3 weeks ago when I gave notice; since 2 months ago when I started actively looking for a new job; since many moons ago when I wanted to actively look for a new job but decided to wait until I had been here a year. You know, in good faith.

Well I'll tell you what. Good faith can shove it. Okay, not always. But when dealing with the type of people that it's become apparent that I'm dealing with – the type of people that promise something we'll call one bajillion dollars (because really, whether you're talking about one dollar or one bajillion dollars, or my leftover french fries for a bite of your sandwich, a deal is a deal), and then stall and stall and wave off repeated inquiries about said bajillion dollars, and give excuses and place blame, and then say it's "only fair" to split the difference because I am leaving so soon, and offer me a "compromise".

I don't need to go into all the absolutely completely 100% valid reasons I am leaving – no one at work is the least bit surprised at my departure – and why under these circumstances, one year is more than reasonable. I won't list off all the lame excuses I've been given. Or point out the fact that it shouldn't be my problem that my higher-ups didn't have the balls to take this up with their higher-ups when they should have, and that had they sprouted cajones a year ago we would not be in this situation. I already went into all of this in the conversation I just had with one such cajone-less person.

This is not one of those gray situations that could be argued both ways. This was a deal. I am extremely disappointed at the type of firm this has turned out to be. This is no way to do business, especially for a very large, international law firm that is trying to build and grow in a market that it is clearly struggling in (this is not just me badmouthing the firm - this is me commenting on the heavy bleeding of associates coupled with lack of "good" - as in interesting, challenging - work).

Integrity could have been their one redeeming quality. But now, they're the kid who's not only ugly and stupid, but a bully too. And a booger-eater. Little fucker.