come here often?

Obviously, I don't, at least not lately. My apologies.

First of all, a belated "Happy holidays!!" to everyone!

This wouldn't be a proper post without a cameo, if not starring-role, appearance by my little one, now would it? (I miss my dog, can you tell?)

So an exciting thing that's happened
(one of many, I'm happy to report!) since I last held an audience here is that I started my new job this week. At my new firm, that, just to make clear, is awesome because it is NOT my old firm (see rant on some people's children's need to grow a pair). There are, of course, many other reasons it's a much better place for me, which I will not go into as I don't want to get into the habit of talking about work in this blog, and I also don't want to trash my old firm (because don't get me started...) (okay, no more, for serious now). So instead, I will just note these three things:

1. Gmail, and other general email websites, are blocked. BLOCKED! I do realize this is not a new concept and that I am not alone on this personal-email-less island of angst and misery (nor am I at all dramatic), but this is the first time it's happened to me. Thus, important. There is suddenly an even more severe shortage of hours in the day, and what, I'm supposed to WORK all day? ALL day?

2. There is a smoking room here. It's our very own, on our floor, and is not shared (I don't think) with other tenants in the building. Is this the result of [British firm (do the English smoke a lot?)] + [located in Japan (the Japanese were born with cigarettes in their mouths)]? I don't smoke, but I find this amazing because, well, see above - very own smoking room.

I get to listen to British accents ALL DAY LONG. *rawr*

So Japanese people love to carry around little containers and holders for their stuff. (Yes, this is a new topic). They buy change holders (I'd go ahead and call them change purses - a duck is a duck - but am being non-gender-specific... like many of the guys in Japan *badoom-chi!*), tissue-pack holders, holders for their plastic drink bottles, cigarette holders, personal containers to ash their cigarettes in (because it's rude to ash on the ground, I'm told). When they hit the slopes, they still love to carry around their little containers - so in any snowsports store, you can find these same little holders, but in versions designed specifically for use while in the snow - e.g., easy to open and handle with gloves on. Including personal ashers! So as not to ash on the mountain! Those guys.

And with that, happy almost-Friday!*

* Makes up for my belated holiday greeting, yes?