My newest silly, fluffy pleasure is the show Gossip Girl. I know, I know. I scoffed at it after watching the first episode... and then the second... and then the third. But I kept downloading, and watching, and wanting more! Despite the fact that anytime that Chuck Bass kid is on screen, which is a lot, all I can see are those ginormous nostrils of his and how you could probably fly a plane up one and down the other, and he'd just be like "Hey - where'd my boogers go?"

While I'm on the topic, I would also really like for him to wipe that I-think-I'm-hot-shit smirk off his face. And open his eyes a bit more (let's face it, guys can't rock the bedroom eyes). Oh, and STOP with the arrogant head-tilt. Good thing I don't know a Chuck Bass (anymore), I just might have to punch him.

And also? People who say they hate such-and-such tv show because "that is SO not how it really is", I just want to punch them, too. Normal people watch tv (and read books, etc) - other than the news and the Discovery channel - precisely to get away from how boring "how it really is" is.

My new lotion smells uh-MAY-zing. I can't stop sniffing myself. They call it 24-Hour Lasting Moisture. I call it Eau de Cookies, Sunshine and Heaven.

Bowling in Japan is pretty much the same as bowling in the U.S. I suck at both. But bowling SHOES, on the other hand - they are really freaking cute here. And, they reside at the bowling alley in these locker-looking containers, one "locker" per shoe size. You go to the appropriate locker, press a green button, and *ka-thunk* - out pops a pair of the cutest bowling shoes ever, like a vending machine.

Speaking of shoes, go ahead - tell me how hot and darling (yes, at the same time!) my new shoes are.



A couple weeks ago, I went home for several days. As usual and as expected, I loved all of it - the food, the family, the friends, and last but not least (and possibly even MOST - but don't tell my dad!) - watching Mochi get acquainted with her new platonic-live-in-boyfriend, Toki! Here is their story.

They sniffed:

They sized each other up:

They had a bite to eat:

They wrestled:

They got comfy:

They napped:

And - are you ready for this? Because it might be more cuteness than your heart can handle, and then it might explode, like mine did. They cuddled! With, I'm told, many (platonic! Mochi is NOT that kind of girl!) kisses.

Mochi is currently enjoying her life of leisure in California, and I am counting down the days until I get to see her again!



So there's a church in Kansas that believes that the war in Iraq is a punishment for America's tolerance of homosexuality. They spread their gospel by picketing military funerals with signs saying things like "Thank God for dead soldiers" and "God hates fags". The latter, cleverly, is their website address.

Dude. Really?

Let me try to follow the logic. Nation is too tolerant of homosexuality, as evidenced by our fearless leader (who thinks gay marriage will bring down the "most fundamental institution of civilation") and the 10 states (5, if only full recognition counts) that recognize gay marriage. Wrath of god brings George W. (god's henchman), Iraq war in tow. Ah-HA! *light bulb* U.S. military accepts gays in the service! As long as they don't know about it (they're just being coy - open and full acceptance would be way too obvious and the gig would be up). Ergo, each soldier death in Iraq is proof of god's disappointment. Clearly.