Happy Halloweenie!

Introducing P:

Sexy beast, no?

* Edit: sexy beast would like to point out that you aren't really getting the full effect of this costume - you're not seeing the mustache. Which was discarded because it didn't allow for alcohol consumption.


nerd alert

I am a word nerd, so this is totally up my alley! My determination to break level 45 (at 41 I reluctantly got back to work) has gotten us 890 grains of rice closer to ending world hunger.

I'd like to meet the genius who thought to include a vocabulary level rating. As much as I love the idea of feeding the world's hungry and all that (goes nicely with my
reusable grocery bags), I'll admit that my determination was fueled more by I WILL GET TO THE NEXT LEVEL DAMMIT! than by thoughts of actually ending world hunger. Though in my defense, the latter is what brought me to the site in the first place.

So I just read in the site's FAQs that it's rare for people to get above level 48. IT'S ON.


lost in translation

Can someone please tell me how to get the navbar thingbob at the top of the page to be in ENGLISH? It's fine when i'm logged in to blogger, as my blogger language setting is English. My Internet Options language is set to English. All other websites appear all in English (convincing the computer to not automatically default to the Japanese version of some websites is another problem for another day).

Everything is set to English! I am set to English!


*edit: Hallelujah, I've been touched by a miracle! After days of angrily glaring at the Japanese characters in the navbar thingbob (including earlier this morning), they have up and turned into English! *boggle*


coming soon!

(i know - the suspense is killing you)